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Saisho is a simple, quick, semi-static website engine that will allow you to create your blog/journal in no time.

In a gist - Saisho takes MD files from the /data folder, parses the YAML header and returns the parsed metadata and content.

Saisho Mk.2? Found any bugs?


Websites, journals and blogs don't need to be complicated and heavy. I created Saisho, primarily for myself, to prove that after "downgrading" from WordPress to Bludit and now to this DIY blog engine.

Saisho is spartan in it's feature set. Features are added on a per-need basis rather than to expand functionality that is not required which will make the code more bloated than it should be.

This is exactly how it's so quick.


Place your MD (Markdown Extra supported) files inside the /data folder (or whatever folder you set in DATA_DIR), include a YAML Front Matter header such as:

title: Your title
date: 1989-02-14

And you're done.


But what is Saisho Mk.2?

I'm always on the hunt to do something, to create something new, especially if it's a "small"-ish tool. This is exactly how I've stumbled upon (well, TBH, I was looking for personal wiki projects, not CMS' per-se) scms through "The Search for a Simple CMS" which kind of inspired me to re-write Saisho into one file (sans Parsedown).

The code has been rewritten and made to be more efficient. The spirit of it is the same.

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